Bürgermeister Marcus Merkel
Mayor Marcus Merkel

Welcome to Büttelborn !



Dear visitors of our homepage,

it is a great pleasure for me, that you are contacting us via the Internet.
I am also very proud to present the new styled official homepage of our beautiful hometown Buettelborn.

Buettelborn is a small town in the centre of the Rhine-Main-area.

The favourable location next to the cities of Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Mainz and Heidelberg, the very good infrastructure and the very low taxes and fees are the reasons for Buettelborn being a nice residential city and a popular place for various companies and enterprises.

Our Town-hall is open 5 days a week for all citizens and entrepreneurs offering a fast, flexible and friendly administration for everyone.

Likewise we aim to be a cooperative partner for all industrial enterprises and all persons carrying on a trade or business.

This homepage is another step in offering various high quality services for everyone.

I hope you are interested in visiting this beautiful town in the heart of the Rhine-Main-area.

Buettelborn is awaiting you.

Yours sincerely


Marcus Merkel
(Mayor of Buettelborn)